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you ever have a theme for the day? a shit theme

you ever have a theme for the day? a theme that consists throughtout the whole days. well I did. today was the theme of snooping. snooping of your bf. this morning I watched a girl code which sometimes condoned snooping and then had a convo later with my group, that I didn’t start about snooping through your partners texts. well I did one better and one less. I added the girl that my bf texts on fb… ya fb, greatttt. so to make it better she texts him and asks why I added her? well duh his gf is crazy…. and super jealous. idk why I’m jealous anyways she lives in la, who gets jealous of somone who lives literally 500 miles or a little more away from your bf. To which my bf texts me and asks y, I respond becasue she popped up on my friend finder, but we all know she didn’t “popp” up on my friend finder. I freind found her myself the traditional stalker way and he accuses me of being a snoop and not trusting him. 75% right there babe. I trust you, but I don’t trust her and yes I wanted to snoop…. I know I know a high school thing to do right? but hey sometimes a girls got to do what a girls got to do and if he gets mad at the fact that I don’t feel comfertable with this one girl he texts then let it be it…. LIFE the struggles of life…. wow.



mildred pierce






This is simply amazing !!!



Mariah Spears (Krumping) - SYTYCD Season 9 (Salt Lake City Auditions) (by IdolXfactor2)



me and ty

me and ty